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Male Under Attack – Lesson 1 of The Alpha Male Transformation

Ok guys, here we are. My style is straight and to the point. I won’t fuck around with unnecessary literature to go around a specific idea. My goal is to provide you with information that can change your life for the best.

Why this is not taught at school, or talked about in mainstream media? Beats me! But let’s get started already.

The fucking huge elephant in the room is this: you are under attack.


By thousands of oestrogen-like chemicals that are out there, and getting into your body without you being aware of.

Plastics, deodorants, shampoos, soaps, perfumes, hormones in the water supply, are some of the things that are pumping female hormones in your body.

Add to that the bullshit information that is propelled in the media about diet, fitness and nutrition, plus all the stresses of modern life, and you have a cocktail for disaster. And by disaster I mean your dick not doing what it’s supposed to do.

Did you know that males in most aboriginal societies keep their Testosterone levels high and steady all throughout their life until they die of age? No need for Viagra… So how have we become to accept as a sad truth that it’s OK for our T levels to decline after our 20s? Are we OK being “less manly” while we are still young? Really? Doesn’t it make you angry that all of this information is kept from the mainstream?

First of all, you need to understand something: the very essence of what makes us Men, is our hormonal system. Our hormones differ from those of women. Women have a little bit of Testosterone, and a quite a bit more of Oestrogen. We are supposed to have lots of Testosterone and a much lower amount of Oestrogen.

And this is the problem we are facing. Toxins in our modern environment, bad diet and poor fitness decisions, combined with a stressful life, is all creating the perfect storm:

A Male with Low Testosterone and High Oestrogen… in other words, the Anti-Alpha Man.

So this is the bottom line: the modern world we live in is filled with chemicals that pump oestrogen-like chemicals into our bodies. This increases the oestrogen in our bodies (obviously!)

This is why even skinny guys have man boobs! It’s not that they are overweight and some of the fat got accumulated in the breast area (although this is also the case for many men).

It’s that their bodies found all these oestrogen hormones and decided to build some real breast tissue! just like they do in female bodies. Talk about feminizing the body!

What you can do about it:

1 – Use organic soap, shampoo, and deodorant. Make sure you read the labels and avoid anything that has any ingredient that doesn’t look natural.

2 – Stop drinking water from plastic bottles. Plastic is made with a chemical called BPA which is very bad for you. Some of this leaks into the water and then gets into your body. BPA is one of the most well known oestrogen-like chemicals. Be careful with plastics that claim to be “BPA Free”. Who knows what they replace the BPA with, and there are claims that they use other very similar oestrogen-like chemicals to replace it. Do your homework, or try to avoid plastics at all!

3 – Stop drinking unfiltered water. You can use a carbon filter, which are the most popular ones and not very expensive. However I like the RO filter because it gets rid of more stuff. There will be a whole lesson about water and water filters, but for now, know that you need to drink clean water. With the majority of the female population using birth control pills, the amount of oestrogen in their urine is at all times high, and all that chemical soup is fed back into the water supply. Guess what happens every time you drink a glass of water? Yep, you get your healthy dose of oestrogen!

4 – Go on a low carb diet. This will be the focus of another Lesson. Your metabolism is a complex machine. Nutrition, hormones and performance and intimately related to one another. There is no space on this lesson to explain all the details but for now know this: avoid grain-based carbs as much as you can (I’m talking about cereals and wheat mostly), so cut down on pasta, bread, pizza, and cereals. If you still eat carbs, stick to the healthy ones which are sweet potatoes, rice, and fruits. You’ll also find some carb content in all green and colored veggies, which are fine too.

5 – Build muscle mass. Again, I will need a new Lesson to go in detail on this one. But for now you need to know this: most people start running when they decide to go healthy. Although this is better than staying in the couch watching Seinfeld re-runs, it’s not as good as lifting weight. Lifting weights will be more effective in less time and with less effort. Stick to basic lifts that use large groups of muscles at once, so you don’t need to spend too much time working out. A basic routine of Bench Press, Deadlift, Pull-ups, and Squats twice a week will make all the difference in the world, and you can do this in less then 15 minutes per session. Building muscle mass is key to building up your Testosterone levels.

6 – Reduce stress. Once again, this is a huge topic that will need a new lesson. For now this is what you need to know. Hormones are produced by the adrenal glands. Picture this as little ‘hormone factories’. When you are stressed, the hormone factories get busy producing the stress hormone (cortisol). This can save your life if you are being chased by a bear, because cortisol is going to pump bloog into your legs faster than ever, so you can run faster and find somewhere to hide. However if you are chronically stressed, the hormone factories are going to keep producing stress hormone indefinitely, and this is going to have extremely debilitating consequences for your health. One of them is that the hormone factories are so busy producing stress hormones, that they don’t have enough time to produce other hormones, like the ‘feel good’ hormone (serotonin) or the ‘excitement’ hormone (dopamine) or the all-things-alpha hormone… you guessed it: Testosterone. Having a low carb diet and lifting weights will help reducing stress, but you may need to complement this with more stress reducing tactics. We’ll cover this in more depth in its own Lesson.

7 – Sleep at least 6 hours. Ideally 8 or more. I shouldn’t have to tell you this. Not sleeping is bad for you. This is when your body repairs and builds up your T levels (this why you get spontaneous morning erections and not evening ones). Sleep deprivation will kill you, so stop it already. Sleep deprivation will turn you into a zombie with low libido, low Testosterone, and high cortisol (stress hormone).

Summary of Lesson 1:

  • The hormones are (besides our dicks and balls) the one thing that make us Males instead of Females. In fact, our dicks and balls won’t even work correctly without the proper support of a healthy hormonal system supporting them.
  • Your hormonal system is under attack. If you do nothing at all, your hormonal system will keep being feminized.
  • You need to stop the feminization of your hormonal system, and start masculinizing it. You can do this by:
    1. Using organic soap, shampoo, and deodorant
    2. Stop drinking water from plastic bottles
    3. Stop drinking unfiltered water
    4. Going on a low carb diet
    5. Lifting weights
    6. Reducing Stress
    7. Sleeping at least 6 hours a day. Ideally 8 or more.

That’s it for Lesson 1. If you were expecting a magic pill or some Jedi-like sex move to produce orgasms in less than a minute… I’m sorry to dissapoint you. I have to tell you, I WILL show you all of that, at the right time. But we need to build the foundations of your Alpha Status.

Get the basics right, and you’ll start noticing changes that will surprise you and everyone around you.

Erectyle Disfunction: A Premier Guide for Men Who Suffer ED – What To Do?

An increasing amount of men suffer from Erectyle Disfunction.

All or some of the following contributing factors should be examined to find the causes of ED on each specific man:

  • low Testosterone levels
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • high amounts of stress
  • overweight
  • poor nutrition

Another probably cause of ED is, ironically, overtraining. When men lift so much weights, the body uses all the Testosterone reserves for building musle tissue, so Testosterone reserves are depleted and therefore none of this hormone is available for sexual performance and libido.

Many men choose to treat the symptoms of ED by taking drugs such as Viagra, but this only treats the symptom, and leaves the problem unsolved. A holistic approach involving the removal of the root causes of ED is recommended, which has the added benefits of increasing performance in every other aspect of life.

Interested in learning about the latest breakthroughs? And the help you need. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. This condition is one of the most common sexual problems for men and increases with age. It is estimated between 15 to 30 million American men suffer from ED, although not all men are equally distressed by the problem. What happens under normal conditions? The simplest way to describe the process of erection is to think of a washing machine. Water flows in and fills the tank (the penis fills with blood and becomes erect) and the wash cycle begins (enjoys sexual activity). How do erections occur? What are the risk factors for ED? Abnormally low levels of circulating testosterone may cause ED, although low testosterone is found in a minority of men who develop ED. Low levels of sexual desire, lack of energy, mood disturbances, loss of muscle strength and depression can all be symptoms of low testosterone. Smoking, drug or alcohol abuse, particularly over periods of time, will compromise the blood vessels of the penis. Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to the development of ED. Modifying these risk factors may contribute to overall health and in some individuals correct mild ED. Patients undergoing surgery or radiation therapy for cancer of the prostate, bladder, colon or rectum are at high risk for the development of ED.
Read more:

Now…, in my opinion, good music helps relax, and relaxation reduces stress, which is necessary to let your libido build back up. So if you have some time, sit and enjoy listening to this album:

Some herbs claim to help erectile dysfunction. Find out the facts before trying one. By Mayo Clinic staff Erectile dysfunction — difficulty maintaining an erection sufficient for sex — is a common problem. You’ve likely seen advertisements for erectile dysfunction herbs or supplements to “increase your sexual performance.” Could they work for you? Erectile dysfunction herbs and other natural remedies have long been used in Chinese, African and other cultures. Some can cause side effects or interact with other medications. And the amount of the active ingredient can vary greatly from product to product. DHEA appears to be safe at low doses. It can cause acne. L-arginine Some evidence shows that taking high doses improves erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. Side effects may include nausea, cramps and diarrhea. Ginseng One study of Panax ginseng showed it improved sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction. A cream preparation is used for premature ejaculation. Panax ginseng contains many active ingredients. It appears to be safe used on a short-term basis.
Read more:

Please search for Erectyle dysfunction cure in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings. Search for “Erectyle dysfunction cure” in existing articles. Look for pages within Wikipedia that link to this title. Titles on Wikipedia are case sensitive except for the first character; please check alternative capitalizations and consider adding a redirect here to the correct title. If the page has been deleted, check the deletion log, and see Why was the page I created deleted?.
Read more:

Remember: relax and enjoy some music, it helps your libido and may improve your ED!

What Causes ED? A Deep Look Into The Root of Erectyle Disfunction

ED (Erectyle Disfunction) can be an  incredibly frustrating condition for men, and one that can ruin personal confidence and relationship with women.

The causes can be physical, psychological, or a combination of both (most often this is the case).

The physical causes that cause ED can be many, below is a list of some of the most common causes:

  • Heart disease
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Low testosterone

The psychological causes of ED are mainly high stress levels, anxiety and depression.

Use the arrow keys to navigate suggestions. See what your medical symptoms could mean, and learn about possible conditions. Set goals and get tips with our app for iPhone. Search by name or medical condition. Enter the shape, color, or imprint of your prescription or OTC drug. Our pill identification tool will display pictures that you can compare to your pill. Be sure your drug regimen is safe. Living Healthy Featured Content Want luxurious locks? WebMD cuts through the hype to reveal the best kept secrets for healthy hair. Family & Pregnancy Featured Content Traveling abroad? Protect yourself and your family by learning which health precautions and vaccines are advised for your destination. Get organized and track baby’s weekly development. It’s a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you. WebMD Communities Connect with people like you, and get expert guidance on living a healthy life. WebMD Answers Got a health question? Get answers provided by leading organizations, doctors, and experts.
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Is your headache a migraine? Strike back with this tool to get relief. If your hair is thinning against your wishes, we have answers and advice. No one wants to feel old before his time or have age interfere with his ability to fully enjoy a sexual relationship with a partner. Certain conditions or medications can interfere with a man’s ability to achieve an erection. When this happens repeatedly, it is called erectile dysfunction. A fairly common condition, ED affects an estimated 15 to 30 million American men. The causes of erectile dysfunction are varied. Certain surgeries and injuries can cause erectile dysfunction. It can also be caused by diseases that affect the tissues, nerves, or arteries involved in erections. These diseases include diabetes, kidney disease, vascular disease, and neurological disease. Some medications, such as blood pressure medication, antihistamines, and antidepressants, may have ED-related side effects. For 10% to 20% of men, the culprits are psychological factors such as stress, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological factors cause erectile dysfunction. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated a strong connection between weight loss and sexual function.
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Health Correspondent Impotence was once solely defined as the inability to achieve an erection. Now it is also defined as the inability to maintain an erection or ejaculate. Given the advances in medicine and nutrition research, however, it is no longer a scary thing. Impotence can be treated — sometimes even without drugs. So, before you invest in costly and potentially dangerous chemical drugs, you may want to consider natural treatments for impotence. Impotence was once solely defined as the inability to achieve an erection. Now it is also defined as the inability to maintain an erection or ejaculate. Men with primary impotence have never had sufficient erections for satisfactory intercourse. Secondary impotence, defined as the loss of erectile function after a period of normal function, is more common. Men with secondary impotence are typically able to engage in intercourse only 25% of the time. This form typically comes on gradually and is usually more easily treatable than primary impotence. Although middle-aged and older men are more likely to be impotent than younger men, impotence can strike at any adult age. It is estimated to affect between 10 million and 15 million men in the United States alone. Here are the main causes of impotence. It is estimated that between 50% and 60% of diabetic men are impotent. In this case, the impotence lasts as long as you are taking the drugs.
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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation (PE) From Ruining Your Relationship

stop-premature-ejaculationPremature ejaculation is a common problem in men. This disease ruins the relationship of many couples and it is the major cause of break up or unsuccessful marriage. At this stage, you must try to involve your partner as much as possible and seek medical treatment as early as possible to save your relation. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are known to be very effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Here we can see some root causes of premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man experiences orgasm and expels semen soon after sexual penetration and with minimal penile stimulation. It has also been called early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, and (historically) ejaculation praecox. There is no uniform cut-off defining “premature,” but a consensus of experts at the International Society for Sexual Medicine endorsed a definition including “ejaculation which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute.”

I found a good NHSLS survey on the percentage of men having PE problems:

According to the 1999 NHSLS survey by Laumann et al., 30% of men ages 18-29, 32% ages 30-39, 28% ages 40-49, and 31% ages 50-59 stated climaxing too early was an issue. I know some of you were hoping age would slow things down. If men were asked if they’ve ever had at least one experience of premature ejaculation, almost every guy would get in line for their membership card.

This study shows the various cases of premature ejaculation:

If you have mild PE – for instance, you can last five minutes but would like to last 10 – there’s probably no point in going to a doctor.Why? Because you should be able to improve matters by simple distraction techniques.This means turning your mind to something else when you sense that climax is near. For example, you can think about something totally unconcerned with sex or pinch yourself.

Beside all medications, couple therapy is said to be the best treatment to stop premature ejaculation in men. Your partner can better understand you and she can help you to increase your timing and stamina.

Here we can see very easy remedies to stop premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation, or ejaculating before you or your partner wanted you to, is a common problem that strikes most men at some point in their lives. Several factors can influence when ejaculation occurs, but it can be controlled with some forethought or, in extreme cases, medical intervention. Here are some strategies to help you get over premature ejaculation and improve your sexual stamina.

Did you know masturbation is one of the techniques to overcome PE:

Are you suffering from premature ejaculation? Guys, here are five things you can do that will help. Masturbate to orgasm an hour or two before intercourse; this can help delay ejaculation during sex.

Researches shows anxiety is the most prominent factor for premature ejaculation:

The first tip to stop premature ejaculation lies in reduction of anxiety before the sexual activity, with being calm with meditation, self imagery exercises and hypnosis working in many. It is a well established fact that infrequent sex could be one of the reasons for getting excessively aroused and excited. Self imagery with positive sexual experiences and interactions and meditation can be done by one’s own self and it has helped many to manage anxiety of sex and premature ejaculation.

The premature ejaculation is caused by various problems like depression, trauma and relationship problems. To save your relationship from ruining, you must have to take care of your diet and physical activities. Along with these, your partner can give you better the suggestion and she can help you to seek medical treatment as needed.

Some Interesting videos on premature ejaculation:

Some more facts on premature ejaculation:

Helpful pills for premature ejaculation

Couples therapy for PE

Research on Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time

Premature Ejaculation Myths & Facts

Some delaying tactics to prevent premature ejaculation

Do You Have These Low Testosterone Symptoms?

Low Testosterone SymptomsHave you been suspecting that you could be having low testosterone symptoms? Are you unsure of whether the symptoms you are experiencing point to low testosterone? If yes, then you need to fasten your seat belt as I bring you up to speed. Testosterone is basically a kind of hormone produced in the body. In men, it’s mostly or commonly produced in the testicles and responsible for:

  • Enhancing sex drive as well as stimulation of sperm production
  • Building of bone mass and muscles

Low Testosterone level  is the common problem these days:

In men, testosterone is mostly produced in the testicles and is responsible for stimulating sperm production and sex drive, as well as building muscles and bone mass. As men age, testosterone production decreases. When production drastically drops or ceases, a range of symptoms and complications can occur. Signs of low testosterone (low T) are often subtle and are mistaken as a natural part of aging.

Most of the time it is very difficult to identify the symptoms of Low T:

When you look at each of the signs and symptoms individually, you may not think they point to Low T. That’s because they may be difficult to tell, and may in fact be caused by other medical conditions.

Here is a good checklist to know when the testosterone level is too low:

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s what puts hair on a man’s chest. It’s the force behind his sex drive.During puberty, testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, deepens his voice, and boosts the size of his penis and testes. In adulthood, it keeps a man’s muscles and bones strong and maintains his interest in sex. In short, it’s what makes a man a man (at least physically).After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone. A decrease in sex drive sometimes accompanies the drop in testosterone, leading many men to mistakenly believe that their loss of interest in sex is simply due to getting older.

Testosterone production is men decreases as a man ages leading to a range of complications or symptoms. The following symptoms indicate that you are suffering from low testosterone levels:

  • Sexual dysfunction- a condition where a man is unable to sustain and erection and in certain cases even find it difficult getting one.
  • Reduced sex drive-a man’s appetite for sex is greatly affected leading to reduced sex activity.
  • Decrease in energy levels
  • Reduced muscle and bone mass
  • Body hair loss
  • A decrease in the bones strength
  • Depressed mood

Any man who has experienced or is experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms is an indication that they are suffering from low testosterone levels.

Here I found a very detailed list of all the low testosterone symptoms:

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. During puberty, it helps in the development of the testes and the penis, and it also plays a role in the growth of facial and pubic hair and the deepening of the voice. Testosterone also continues to play an important role long after the teenage years. It helps inform everything from a man’s libido to his mood, and when testosterone levels are low, it can have a negative impact on a man’s emotional and physical health.  If you have any of the following symptoms, talk to your doctor and be sure to ask about your testosterone levels. Thankfully, there are many treatments that can help improve your sexual response and get your hormone levels back on track.

If you are still confused about the symptoms, here is a quick symptoms quiz to identify if you have this problem:

Doctors weigh a lot of factors when diagnosing hypogonadism, a condition caused by Low Testosterone. These include a medical history and exam, signs and symptoms, and certain blood tests. Take this quick quiz to find out if you should talk to your doctor about Low Testosterone.

CBS News provide a very good report on low testosterone level :

Guys like to make jokes about testosterone, but testosterone deficiency is no laughing matter. The latest research suggests that guys without enough of the hormone face a higher risk of several serious illnesses, including diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. A simple blood test can reveal whether a guy has low “T,” but there are plenty of other clues that a problem exists, as you’ll see.

Although you may visit your doctor or physician if your situation is extreme, there are many things that you can do to increase your Testosterone levels naturally.

You should look at making changes in your diet, in your lifestyle, in your fitness program (if you don’t have any fitness program, you should get one right away!), in your stress levels, and also looking at specific supplements that can raise your T levels.

Videos on Low Testosterone Symptoms:

Further Research on Low Testosterone:

Treatment options for men with hypogonadism

The reality of ‘low T’

How to Treat Low Testosterone Naturally

Big Questions About Testosterone Treatment For Men

What happens to testosterone levels with age?

What Causes an Erectile Dysfunction?

erectile-dysfunctionSeveral complex processes are involved in a man’s sexual arousal. These include hormones, muscles, nervous system, emotions and brain activity and neurochemicals. When there is a problem with any of these, you may suffer from erectile dysfunction. Similarly, other associated conditions like stress and tension are also involved and they may worsen the performance of the male sex organ. In some cases, physical and psychological conditions also cause an erectile dysfunction, or ED.

Studies also show that erectile dysfunction is usually a psychological problem than physical:

Psychological impotence is where erection or penetration fails due to thoughts or feelings (psychological reasons) rather than physical impossibility; this is somewhat less frequent but often can be helped. Notably in psychological impotence, there is a strong response to placebo treatment. Erectile dysfunction, can have severe psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and masculine self-image generally

NHS study gives a very good summary of reasons of erectile dysfunction:

The narrowing of the arteries (called atherosclerosis) is one of the most common causes of ED. In these cases your GP may suggest lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, to try to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. This may help to relieve your symptoms as well as improving your general health. You may also be given medication to treat atherosclerosis, such as cholesterol-lowering statins and drugs to reduce your blood pressure

As the experts’ advice, one should never hesitate to consult a medical practitioner for this problem

Even though it may seem awkward to talk with your doctor about erectile dysfunction, go in for an evaluation. Problems getting or keeping an erection can be a sign of a health condition that needs treatment, such as heart disease or poorly controlled diabetes. Treating an underlying problem may be enough to reverse your erectile dysfunction.

ED and Physical Causes:

Mostly the ED is caused by physical problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure and low testosterone levels. Although it is also fair to say that these conditions are also interlinked between themselves.

I found a very well organized comprehensive info on ED :

Some people have trouble speaking with their doctors about sex. But if you have ED, you should tell your doctor. ED can be a sign of health problems. It may mean your blood vessels are clogged. It may mean you have nerve damage from diabetes. If you don’t see your doctor, these problems will go untreated.

Massachusetts Male Aging Study provides a good report on erectile dysfunction:

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a little over half of men experience erectile dysfunction (ED). At age 40, about 40 percent struggle with the condition, and by 70 years old, about 70 percent of men have ED.Standard treatments include pharmaceutical medications, pumps, implants, and surgery, but many men prefer natural options. Fortunately, scientific research has found that some natural options are effective at improving symptoms of ED.

Did you know that fifty percent of men have erectile dysfunction problems :

Most men have occasional times when they cannot get an erection. For example, you may not get an erection so easily if you are tired, stressed, distracted, or have drunk too much alcohol. For most men it is only temporary, and an erection occurs most times when you are sexually aroused.However, some men have persistent, or recurring, ED. It can occur at any age, but becomes more common with increasing age. About half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have ED. About 7 in 10 men aged 70 and above have ED.

ED and Psychological Causes:

The human brain is the key factor in triggering various physical factors that cause an erection. Many of the psychological factors that cause ED are stress, depression and anxiety

A bad relationship with your wife/girlfriend or a conflicting situation at the workplace may cause a lot of stress, and therefore contribute to poor health and ED can be one of the symptoms displayed.

Anxiety is the most frequent cause of ED in males. This is usually related to performance pressure, where the man feels like he “must” perform successfully, putting a lot of pressure on him, and this ultimately has the opposite effect, resulting in ED; which in turns contributes to even more anxiety and negative thoughts. This self-fulfilling feedback mechanism is very debilitating and needs to be stopped.

A hormonal misbalance is usually linked to ED as well. Key hormones such as Testosterone, Dopamine and Serotonin play a huge role in sexuality, libido and erections. Usually men who don’t suffer from ED, but instead suffer from PE, also have a misbalance in these same hormones. Only difference is the way the body plays up with this situation.

Urology Care Foundation gives a very good insight on reasons of ED:

If your ED is due to a hormonal problem, such as low testosterone or diabetes, you may be referred to an endocrinologist.  Your healthcare provider may also refer you to a mental health professional.  These specialists treat psychological or emotional causes of ED.  Even if your ED is not caused by these factors, it may contribute to them.  It may be helpful to get counseling, alone or with your partner, in addition to getting medical therapy for ED.

In a recent report FOXNEWS mentioned the way to cure erectile dysfunction without medication:

I know of three things that are pretty good,” Kilham told  “First, of course, [is] my all-time favorite herb: Rhodiola rosea.  In one published study, middle-aged men took a couple hundred milligrams of rhodiola rosea extract daily and there was a 68 percent increase in erectile function among the group.

Do you know when the right time to consult a doctor is:

If the ED continues for more than a few weeks the individual should see a doctor. The doctor will assess his general state of health, because ED may be a sign of a more serious health condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or something else.There are numerous web sites that claim to be able to treat ED. Men are advised to see their doctor instead. Before looking at the causes of erectile dysfunction, lets first look at what goes on when a man gets an erection.When a man feels or sees something that is sexually stimulating, his brain sends out a signal that tells the muscles in his penis to relax, resulting in the engorgement (filling up of blood) of the corpa cavernosa – two tubes that run the length of the penis. This causes the penis to expand and harden. As the corpa cavernosa expand, they press against veins that carry blood away from the penis, effectively blocking them – so the penis stays erect.

What You Can Do To Beat ED

Don’t panic. Negative thoughts only feed ED with more fuel. So whatever your head is telling you now, stop. Take a deep breath and make a decision that you are going to get rid of your ED.

Now that you decided to beat this (Massive Step!), what’s next?

Learn more about it. There are several causes and variables that play a role on this condition, so you need to understand all of this in detail, and produce the most accurate diagnose of your specific situation.

What’s your overall state of health? Are you overweight? Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Are you under a lot of stress? How is your hormonal balance? Do you think you may be low in Testosterone? (very likely!) What are your masturbatory habits?

Once you understand the scenario and have an accurate assessment of where you are standing, you need to pull out the toolbox and start improving your situation.

Make changes in your nutrition, in your fitness, in your lifestyle, decide whether specific dietary supplements may help you reach your goal. Bookmark this blog and keep coming back, we’ll keep posting useful info for you to have the tools to become the Alpha that’s hidden in you.

I found a good collection of basic medicine and their usage for erectile dysfunction:

You may be surprised at all the options for treating erectile dysfunction. These articles are about treating the condition — and caring for the people who have it.

These ways to combat Ed sound pretty interesting:

Oral medications include Viagra (sildenafil) and Levitra (vardenafil), which work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, a chemical that increases blood flow in the penis. These drugs are taken about an hour before sexual activity. They should not be used more than once a day, and men who take nitrate-based drugs such as nitroglycerin for heart problems should not use them because they can cause a sudden drop in high blood pressure.If you suspect your erection difficulties may be related to a disease, accident, or medication or if you’re simply unsure of the cause, contact your doctor.

It is a proven fact now that Cigarette, alcohol and narcotics plays an important role in erectile dysfunction:

One of the most underestimated causes of impotence is cigarette smoking — as if you need yet another reason to quit.The same goes for alcohol and narcotics, like heroin and cocaine. In fact, almost 100% of men who use cocaine regularly are impotent. If you use these recreational drugs, however, you have bigger health problems than just impotence.

Videos on Erectyle Disfunction:

Further Research on Testosterone Boosters:

Psychosexual Therapy for Impotence

Some Self Injection Therapies for ED

Some Non-invasive treatments for erectile dysfunction

Sexual Impotence treatment using Lady’s Fingers

Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy

What Are The Best Testosterone Boosters?

testosterone-boostersTestosterone Boosters are a specific type of dietary supplements that are supposed to increase the levels of Testosterone in the body. Testosterone Boosters are usually herbal formulas that can be sold over the counter or through online stores.

I found a great discussion about Testosterone in this forum, check it out:

While this is a great topic to discuss, there are many variables with trying to obtain the objective here. “I propose that we post a link on this thread to any scholarly article or study we can find which examines the effectiveness or lack thereof of any of the above” “Lack thereof being the main focus”- RED The main problem is that these products/companies are not regulated by the FDA, the one place I wish government would step in, so these companies can put what they want in the product and are free to make outrageous claims about their product. There are so many examples of these sickening claims these people should be arrested. While we look to official and scholarly articles for TRUTH, these can be misleading also no matter if a Harvard PhD person wrote the article. You have to ask yourself with each “one” of these “scholarly” articles what and who is behind the article:

The American Physiological Society published a great paper on the use of Testosterone supplementation in aging men:

the use of testosterone supplements in aging men and women has increased in recent years. Aging men take testosterone supplements to improve muscle mass and bone strength, to improve libido and quality of life, to prevent and treat osteoporosis, and, with the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, to treat erectile dysfunction. Postmenopausal women receive testosterone supplements mainly to improve their libido. In addition to physicians prescribing testosterone supplements, individuals are able to buy androgens, such as androstenedione, over the counter in health food stores.

Finally, we must not forget that exercise alone can be a great way of increasing Testosterone, as described in this article:

According to one study, mild to moderate exercise helped increase testosterone levels in participant (short bursts of high-intensity exercises particularly had a beneficial effect). It also helped prevent testosterone decline due to aging, which often starts in men when men reach age 30.

Do You Need to Take Them?

Men older than 30 years old start to see their Testosterone levels decline. This trend has increased in the last few years and although the reason for this is unclear, it is generally attributed to the increase in environmental xenoestrogens, as well as the abundance of stress in everyday lives.

There are some specific things to know before using testosterone boosters:

Increasing testosterone by other means, such as hypothalamic stimulation (see: D-Aspartic Acid and possibly Anacyclus pyrethrum) can yield more testosterone independent of this enzyme, and the enzyme’s activity may be increased to compensate.

Some researches show loosing the weight is one of the most effective way to increase testosterone level:

If you’re overweight, shedding the excess pounds may increase your testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 2012 meeting. Overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone levels to begin with, so this is an important trick to increase your body’s testosterone production when you need it most.

Did you know Ice Baths are one of the strangest but effective way to improve testosterone level. I found one interesting opinion about this here

Don’t hate me for this one. They’re awful, and if I’m completely honest… they don’t get any easier with practice! But I’m including it anyway, because ever since I finally got the guts to try it out, I’ve noticed massive results. I both love and hate my friend for giving me this tip… love him because it works, hate him because it hurts! But, no pain no gain…

Where to Buy Testosterone Boosters

Because they are not pharmaceutical drugs, and they are made from a combination of ingredients that are derived from specific (legal) herbs, these boosters can be purchased over the counter in the majority of western countries.

Additionally, during the last couple of years they have been increasingly marketed through online websites and offers.

Mayo Clinic provided some important info regarding the risks of testosterone booster

Like other supplements and medication, testosterone therapy comes with risks and possible side effects. This is particularly true if you try to take it for normal aging rather than for a true problem (Mayo Clinic, 2012).

Testosterone boosters are also not advised for young age people as per this discussion

just curious to kno what everybody’s feelings are on “legal testostersone boosters” (like bsn’s axis ht for example) has anybody experienced significant gains with products like these? it seems to me that if these products actually did what they claimed they’d be illegal…

There are however other more natural ways to increase testosterone.

One of these is through your diet – and increasing your intake of zinc and magnesium, and eating more red meat will help you to get more of the hormone. Meanwhile you should avoid beer which can actually increase production of oestrogen resulting in the opposite effects. In terms of lifestyle, exercise or sports, as well as sex itself, can all help increase your natural levels of testosterone

Is Low Testosterone a Modern Epidemic?

Our grandparents didn’t see their T levels decline as fast as we are seeing today. The reduction in men’s fertility during the last few years is a growing concern.

Studies show that having a balanced diet, training and rest keeps you away from these problems:

I personally wouldn’t bother with test boosting products, unless you know for sure you are suffering a low level of testosterone. Proper training, diet and rest will be far more effective in raising your testosterone more-so than a supplement ( a natural supplement of course ).

There may be a number of indicators that lead men to seek out a natural testosterone booster:

Generally, men under the age of thirty five will not experience any of these symptoms. Men over thirty five who are dealing with lowered testosterone levels may notice a decline in overall muscle tone

This informative article from buzzle tells about Psychological effects of testosterone booster:

Testosterone boosters can cause various mood changes in a person, similar to individuals who are suffering from psychiatric disorders. The boosters can make the individual more hostile, aggressive and irritable.

What Would Grandpa Say???

As I said earlier, the reason for this seems to be a combination of environmental xenoestrogens, poor dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle and an increase in stress. This seems to be a deadly cocktail that has the result of depleting Testosterone from men, in the process making men less healthy, less happy and more feminized. Not to mention an increase in the risk of Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

NBC News reports say that in record numbers, American guys are turning to testosterone boosters to repair their pep:

Annual sales of the prescription hormone have more than doubled since 2008, according to IMS Health, Inc., reaching $1.6 billion last year, en route to $5 billion by 2017, some analysts predict. And that doesn’t include testosterone supplements purchased over the counter or via the mail.

I found a quick summary of various products and their recommended doses:

Testosterone production can be increased with dietary supplements known as testosterone boosters. They are a safe, natural and effective way to increase the levels of testosterone in the blood stream. The normal production of testosterone is highest between the mid-teen years and the age of 25 years. Each year after the age of 25 the normal levels of testosterone decrease rapidly.

Mammalian studies give a detailed insight on booster:

Studies conducted on rats have indicated that their degree of sexual arousal is sensitive to reductions in testosterone. When testosterone-deprived rats were given medium levels of testosterone, their sexual behaviors (copulation, partner preference, etc.) resumed, but not when given low amounts of the same hormone.

How do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Usually the way T Boosters are supposed to work in your body is not 100% clear. Most T Boosters will share some of the most common ingredients: Maca, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, Horny Goat Weed, Ginger, Ginseng, and many others.

Although there is evidence to support claims that each one of these raises Testosterone levels, the specific mechanisms through which the body makes this happen are not so clear.

The important thing to remember is that Testosterone Boosters are not about putting Testosterone in your body. Rather, they are about supporting your body’s natural ability to manufacture its own Testosterone. It is a much safer alternative to taking Testosterone Gels or Shots.

You should always consult the medical practitioner first before using any booster or may lend up in trouble as stated here:

You need to go to the doctor prior to doing anything. You suspect you may have low testosterone. It’s pointless to try to raise it if you don’t even know if it’s low. Go to the doctor to get it tested. If it’s low, you can try supplements prior to trying serious hormone replacement therapy (if you want). It’s inappropriate to try to treat yourself based on a hunch. You need some blood values – a cheap and easy test – first.

You can have some genuine discussion on best booster directly from the users:

you put on 15lbs from eating, not from ZMA. ZMA does little to nothing and only works in people who are zinc deficient. If you eat enough meat, you dont need ZMA.

All the boosters should be supplemented with a proper workout routine as told by experts:

First thing to look at would be your weight training program. Strength training is an effective method of boosting T naturally and you don’t have to worry about spending a bunch of money on supplements that don’t work or risk the side effects of self-prescribing a hormone.

Videos on Testosterone Boosters


Further Research on Testosterone Boosters:

The 2013 British Menopause Society & Women’s Health Concern recommendations on hormone replacement therapy

Forum discussion about Testosterone Supplements

User reviews on Best Testosterone Boosters

Tips to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Detailed health guide for testosterone booster

A Premier Guide to Natural Male Enhancement – Scam or Real? Worth it for a Waste of Time?

So guys want to be “enhanced” these days.

I’m not surprised. As I mention often on this blog and other publications, we are under attack. We are sold a certain image of what we are supposed to be, and if you are not “it”, don’t worry, the market provides you with everything you need to become “it”.

Got no muscles? Take this shit, it’s gonna make you huge.

Got a small dick? No worries! Here, become “enhanced” and you’ll knock your ladies pants off with the sole view of your newly acquired elephant-like dick.

So much is wrong with this… I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s step back for a minute. We know that women are sold an image that is almost impossible to live up to.

It used to be enough fpr a woman to starve to death in order to be acceptably skinny.

But things have changed now. This is how a hot woman should look like these days:


So women now need to get in the gym and do some real shit. So they look like this.

Look at those quads Bro…, and those Gluts… I’d be scared to walk those gardens knowing that my penis can get squashed any minute should those powerful muscles decide to flex.

I have nothing against women working out and gaining some muscle mass, and actually be strong so that they can function better in their lives. It makes them healthier, happier, and sexier. All for it. But to get to one digit body fat (as in the picture above) is a massive commitment, and very likely an unrealistic goal for most gals out there trying to get in shape.

But Advertising does that for us. Sells us an image of what we should want to be. So they create a need, which they will then be kind enough to fulfill.

So that’s them… what about us?

This is how We are supposed to look:


I think partly we have the UFC to thank/blame for this.

Football guys don’t play shirtless, but MMA fighters walk in the octagon wearing some undies and gloves on their hands. Free to look ladies. This is what you should look like guys. It’s not even gay, because they are fighting, and fighting is the opposite of gay, so don’t be accusing this trend of being gay or metro alright?

So you need to be ripped, have some visible muscles, not too bulky that you’ll look like the Governator or Van Damme (that’s so 90s!), but enough muscle mass to look badass, build your functional strength, but also you need a low body fat (under 12%… which is fucking hard to achieve, and to maintain) so that your muscles show through and you look ripped.

So there you are. You should look like that or you are a loser.

How are you feeling today? Like a loser? Don’t worry, click this ad, and you’ll build enough muscle mass to scare an Alpha Gorilla out of his jungle.

Click this one, and your dick will be longer than a giraffe neck; you’ll be able to choke three women at the same time by applying a variation of the Anaconda Choke as described in the Kamasutra 3.3 revised version of Super Enhanced Males.

Wanna fuck like a Porn Star so that your woman ends up with a sore ass, looking like a Baboon on season? Sure! just click on this one and hand in those credit card details. We’ll make sure you can feel like you are the fucking king of porn and you work up those pipes until they blow up.


 What Do You Want To Be?

Don’t get me wrong, and don’t take me (or anyone… including yourself) too seriously.

Have fun, lighten up.

You want a big dick? You want to last hours in bed? Wanna loock like a superhero?

Be my guest. But do it because you decide that’s what you want. Not because you are being acted upon without you being aware of it.

And don’t believe the marketing you see online, and don’t go gangbusters with your credit card. They know your weak points and they will hit you hard right there. Playing up on your emotions, your fears and your fantasies. Step away, lay the cards on the table and make rational decisions. You work for your money so don’t give it away without thought.

So, Do You Want To Be an Enhanced Male?

So you get my point but you are committed to being enhanced. Having a seix pack is not enough. You want a bigger dick.

Ok, ok… I got you.

This is what you are facing here.

Firstly, let’s clarify some terminology. Usually “male enhancement” refers to “penis enlargement”. You could swap these like synonyms.

So that cleared, when you talk about Male Enhancement, you have a few options, mainly:

Natural Supplements – Herbal Male Enhancement Pills

There is evidence that some natural herbal supplements will increase the size of your penis. The evidence is limited and this is not accepted as a fact by the mainstream Medical Doctors community.

Usually these supplements are referred to as male enhancement pills.

I feel that this article right here represents best the general feeling of the medical community towards male enhancement pills:

Our email inboxes fill up every day with advertisements for pills, ointments, supplements, and contraptions aimed at enhancing penis size, sexual stamina, or libido. It’s a testimony to men’s abiding insecurities about sexual performance. The question is, do any of these “male enhancement” techniques really work?

Read full article

My personal opinion is that this is not a black and white matter. MD doctors want to see controlles tests that specifically show a link between a specific drug or supplement, and a physical outcome. The results must be consistent. Anything else will be labeled as ‘anecdotal evidence’ and hence rendered useless or a scam.

Well, in those terms, they will claim that there is no scientific proof that Meditation improves general brain performance and overall health. I’m sorry but they are wrong. Put any stressed out motherfucker to meditate 15 minutes a day, and their cortisol levels (the hormone that is released when you are under stress) will go down, and they will get more energy, more focus, feel stronger, and kick more ass.

So meditation gives you a bigger dick? Well, it makes you healthy (combined with many other things… so sign up for my Newsletter to get the full combo).

And if you are healthy, your blood flow will improve. Your Testosterone levels will rise. Your dick will be bigger. Voila!

Can supplements aid this process? Fuck yeah.

Which ones? It’s too long for me to explain here. Stay tuned for future posts.

I’m not a fan of the techniques described below. But I could not write a Premier Guide to Natural Male Enhancement without including what is out there in the Dick Community. (Ha… how funny is to call it like that??)

Manual Exercises for Male Enhancement

One of the most popular ones is known as “Jelqing”. This is from wikipedia:

Jelqing is a physical-therapy technique, intended to achieve “natural penis enlargement” by increasing blood pressure and circulation. It is performed by repeatedly stroking the penis in a squeezing motion from the base of the shaft to the corona of the glans; devices have also been created to achieve this same effect. The motion may be described as “milking“.[6]

According to an article in BJUI, the technique has ancient Arabian origins;[7] and an Arabic word related to “milking” is sometimes claimed as the etymological root of the term, although this point is disputed and the actual origin of the term remains unclear.

While there are many anecdotal claims of success from supporters of the technique, there is no medical evidence for its effectiveness.[8] Furthermore, medical journalist Christopher Wanjek has said that the claim that the technique will “enlarge the penile cavities that fill with blood, making for larger erections…makes no sense biologically.”[9] Similarly, Sue Johanson explains jelqing cannot possibly enlarge the penis, though it is unlikely to cause any serious damage.[10]

Although considered safer than many other, more “radical” techniques for penis-enlargement, jelqing could potentially result in blood vessel tearing, scar formation, pain, disfigurement, and desensitization of the penis if done incorrectly

Source: WIkipedia

Other Physical Techniques for Male Enhancement and a Longer and Wider Penis

The Penis Pump Technique:

pumping is a very effective means of achieving your penis enlargement goals. A typical routine will consist of the standard warm-up, stretches, jelqs, penis pumping, and warm down. When penis pumping, it is best to divide your pumping session into sets. The length of each set will depend on your level of experience. Beginners (less than 3 months of regular pumping) should stick to no more than 3 short sets of a maximum of 15 minutes each; advanced pumpers can take more sets at longer periods. Regardless of how long the set, it is highly recommended that breaks be conducted at least every 10-15 minutes to allow fresh blood to circulate into the penis

More on the Pump Technique

The Clamping Technique:

Clamping is a manually-assisted penis enlargement exercise. It is a very advanced girth exercise. It should not be tried by any beginners. If you are new to penis enlargement, wait a few months before you start clamping.

The beauty of clamping is you can do it anywhere you can have an erection. For example, you are at the computer and have some privacy you can stimulate yourself to an erection, throw on a cable clamp and use the computer.

  • Clamping restricts blood from flowing out of the penis while still allowing limited inflow. Because blood is still flowing into the penis, and not any is leaving, there is an extraordinary amount of pressure built up.
  • The pressure built up while clamping expands the tissues in the penis beyond its normal erection state. By expanding the penis tissues multiple times, it slowly becomes permanent.
  • Thus, clamping achieves results by permanently distorting the penis into a state larger than normal.

Full Guide on Clamping Here

The Most Important Point About Male Enhancement (Never Discussed!)

Most men have no idea how to get a woman to orgasm. This is incredibly frustrating for our beauiful and almost always cooperative ladies. They keep putting up with us jerks!

The most important thing that you should learn about sex, is how to get her to O. Learn that, and she’ll be all over you. There are biochemical reasons for this, involving the release of specific hormones, but we won’t be able to cover all of that in this post.

The point I’m trying to make is this: so you want a bigger dick alright. Have you thought about why? What are you trying to accomplish?

I can tell you with certainty, that you can please your lady with the dick that you have right now. She’ll want more of you all the time.

So yeah, follow these exercises if you want, and you may increase in size a little bit. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself though. If this makes you feel more self confident in bed and perform better, more power to you. I think you get my point so I won’t keep bashing about this.

Videos on Male Enhancement

I collected these videos from Youtube. They can be informational, but some are also pushing their own products, so keep your thinking cap on!

More Research on Penis Enlargement

You can continue your research further by following the links below. Please note that these articles might differ from my own personal opinion in the matter of Male Enhancement.

Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?

Quarter Billion in Taxpayer Cash on Penis Pumps… – Penis Pumps – Fox Nation

Size matters

Penile size and the ?small penis syndrome?

Penis-enlargement products

Penis Enlargement Products Come up Short




How to Beat PE: Premature Ejaculation Myths and Truths Learn How to Last Longer in Bed.

premature-ejaculationAn increasing amount of men suffer from Premature Ejaculation. This condition is also referred to as “PE”. PE can be an annoying thing to live with, because it means that guys are not able to please their women during intercourse.

Look at the following statistics:

Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction. Estimates of its prevalence vary because different definitions of premature ejaculation are often used.

The prevalence of lifelong and acquired premature ejaculation as defined by an intravaginal ejaculation latency time of less than two minutes is thought to be quite low (2–5%), but a much greater proportion of men (typically 20–30%) complain of premature ejaculation disorders in epidemiological studies. For example 23.8% of Australian men reported that they “came to orgasm too quickly” in the National Sex in Australia survey.

More on Premature Ejaculation Statistics

Continue reading